Crowdmap: ATM locations

With the rise of the debit card, reliance on cash is becoming less and less necessary. That said, from time to time you really need some foldin’ money. But where to get it at 11 p.m. Tuesday night or 10 a.m. Sunday morning?

Such was the impetus behind the second goodgood manchester Crowdmap, where we want to map out the locations of all of Manchester’s ATMs:

We’ve already plotted many of the ATM’s belonging to various city banks and credit unions, but we’re sure there more that we missed. That’s where you come in.

In true Crowdmap fashion, we need you to share your knowledge of the city’s ATMs to help us complete the map, which will be a resource for all Mancunians.

So hop on over to the Manchester ATM Crowdmap and report those ATMs!

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