Crowdmap: Where to recycle and donate

While most of Manchester has weekly curbside recycling pick up, not all of what can be recycled is picked up.

But thankfully there are places in Manchester that will accept things like packing peanuts and bubble wrap (the Hooksett Road and South Willow Street UPS stores), running shoes (Runner’s Alley) and utensils (Family Outfitters Thrift Store).

To help us keep track of where Manchester residents can recycle and donate everything from batteries and eye glasses to old tables and cell phones, we created goodgood manchester’s fourth Crowdmap showing all the places around town where you can recycle or otherwise responsibly get rid of a lot of your old stuff:

And while we’ve already plotted the recycling and donation spots we know of, we’re certain there are some that we missed. That’s where you come in.

In true Crowdmap fashion, we need you to share your knowledge of the city’s recycling and donation spots help us complete the map, which will be a resource for all Mancunians.

So hop on over to the Manchester recycling Crowdmap and report those recycling/donation locations!

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