Friends of Wagner Park

Pretty Park

Neighbors in the area of “Pretty Park” officially known as Wagner Park have formed a community group to care for and restore the park to its former glory. Already the Friends of Wagner ParkĀ  have organized a dandelion pull and will be looking for more help as they move forward.

For generations the park on Maple and Prospect Streets has been the preferred spot for prom and wedding photographs. The park is modeled on a park in Paris across the street from the League of Nations and the Grecian-style temple in the northeast corner has served as a backdrop for thousands of Manchester family photos.

The park is located on the site of the ancestral home of the Wagner family who owned a local brewery. In 1944 Ottile Wagner Hosser donated the site to the city along with a trust to maintain the park. She felt that there were too many parks devoted to war memorials and wanted this park to be a place of “Peace and Love”. Over the years income from the trust has declined and the neighbors have stepped up to insure that the park is cared for as it deserves to be.

If you are looking for a chance to get your hands dirty and contribute to the beautification of this treasured Manchester landmark, you can find the Friends of Wagner Park here on Facebook.


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