Game Assembly Incubator Opens

A new video game production incubator has opened its doors in downtown Manchester at 1117 Elm Street, behind the Bridge Cafe.

Co-Founders Neal Laurenza and David Carrigg see Game Assembly as a hub where professionals, hobbyists, and students can come together to collaborate on game design.

The incubator already houses several game-developing companies, including Retro Affect, Robot Loves Kitty, Skymap Games, SimQuest, Cybernaut Systems, Studio Grash, and Super Stache Studios. They currently are working with NH Technical Institute, SNHU, and NH Institute of Art to develop internship programs. Game Assembly is supported in part by a federal workforce development grant awarded to NH Technical Institute to promote STEM education and workforce development.

Game Assembly will also begin hostingĀ  IDGANH meetings in conjunction with Alpha Loft at their space at 844 Elm Street.

For more information contact them at 603-479-7171.


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  1. May 13, 2016
    To whom it may concern,
    My name is Jonathan Quijada, i am 14 years old and I go to the school called east Somerville Community school. We’re doing a middles grade project and I had to do research on any careers I think of myself doing it in the future. I came across video game programmer and I thought that would be a good job for me to do in the future.
    I have to find someone in the Boston area to do an interview them for my project. I currently have a few questions to ask. thank you for your time!

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