Meet Bill Robidoux!

Bill Robidoux, seen here drinking a large beer during a recent trip to Germany, is a student at UNH Durham, and works at The Farm Bar & Grille in Dover.

Adventurer. Bibliophile. Beer lover.

How Long have you lived in Manchester?

I’ve lived in Manchester for 11 years. Before that, 15 months in Nashua. And before that, Levittown, Pa.

Describe Manchester in one word: 


What would make Manchester even better?

Efficient public transportation.

What is the best meal you’ve had in Manchester?

Chicken soup with rice noodles at Golden Bowl on Queen City Ave.

What is your favorite Manchester organization?

Honestly, I don’t have one. But Granite State Organizing Project sounds like a good one.

If you could share one link with the rest of Manchester, what would it be?

Manchester Ink Link

Nominate yourself [or someone you’d love to expose for all their Manchester goodness] as a future Mancunian in the spotlight. How do you qualify? If you live or work in Manchester, you’re a Mancunian. Just answer the six questions with flair, add a flattering or ridiculous photo of yourself and send it all to Carol Robidoux at


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  1. james robidoux says:

    I am surprised to see my son and wife posting this. In a way I think it’s a test for anybody that knows them and supports these sites. I think I pass the test, and suggest anyone that knows these people should do the same. I’m sure that I’m biased and might not be the best person to comment (nepotism and such), but that never stopped me before. That being said, these are two of my favorite people anywhere at all. I married Carol more than 35 years ago because she is the most beautiful person I’ve ever known. Her beauty will never fade because she lives in such a way she just exudes beauty on everyone she’s around. Bill, all her children and extended family are like me very, very lucky to have to Carol in their lives. Bill like his mom is a tremendous individual to have in your corner.

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