Meet Devan Quinn!

How long have you lived in Manchester?

2 years

Describe Manchester in one word.


What would make Manchester even better?

More community spirit and involvement in our cultural events, arts, schools, and non-profits.

What’s the best meal you’ve had in Manchester?

Goldenrod’s Red Raspberry Fudge ice cream in a sugar cone with chocolate sprinkles. Ice cream is a meal, right?

What’s your favorite Manchester organization?

The YWCA. In Manchester, the YWCA functions as the area’s domestic and sexual violence crisis center and shelter. Domestic and sexual violence is a community issue effecting people of all genders, ages, races, socio-economic classes, religious affiliation, and identity. If you need to speak with an advocate call the state’s crisis line at 1-866-644-3574 or visit

If you could share one link with the rest of Manchester, what would it be?
The New Hampshire Women’s Heritage Trail – Learn more about the rich history and impact of women in New Hampshire!

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