Meet Jodie Levandowski!

How long have you lived in Manchester?

All my life, with the exception of college and two years spent in the Hamptons

Describe Manchester in one word.

Location, Location, Location!!!

What would make Manchester even better?

Continued investment, redevelopment and refurbishment of our city’s downtown areas, green spaces and neighborhoods. I would use the word gentrification, but we all know how negative that can sound. And I can’t leave out the tremendous benefit a commuter rail service from Manchester to Boston would be to our community.

What’s the best meal you’ve had in Manchester?

Any dinner planned at home that’s outfitted with meats and cheeses from Angela’s Pasta and Cheese Shop and some New Hampshire IPA!
What’s your favorite Manchester organization?

Friends of the Manchester Animal Shelter

If you could share one link with the rest of Manchester, what would it be? a planners version of playboy if you ask me! A daily dose of stories focusing on leaders, policies and innovations driving progress in metropolitan regions across the world.

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