Meet Lori Belloir!

How long have you lived in Manchester?

About a year, but I’m a NH native so I’ve been around for quite a while.

Describe Manchester in one word.


What would make Manchester even better?

I think comparatively, Portsmouth and Concord have more going on with local business and culture, so that would be a nice element to see around here. Events like First Friday and the Prescott Park summer concert series in Portsmouth, and Market Days and Midnight Merriment in Concord; these things are lacking in Manchester. While we do have a decent restaurant scene, the Verizon Wireless Arena, and local sports, we seem to be missing the independent retailers and events that make a town unique and colorful.

What’s the best meal you’ve had in Manchester?

Who can pick just one favorite? I’ll list a top five: The veggie rolls at Mint, anything at India Palace, the fresh juice at Bridge Cafe, the beet & quinoa salad (and the grilled bread!) at Republic, and the pizza at 900 degrees.

What’s your favorite Manchester organization?

Animal welfare and the environment are issues near and dear to me, so there are two: The Manchester Animal Shelter–I would recommend rescuing a pet before considering a breeder any day of the week–and Environment New Hampshire, which helps people team up with others to address environmental issues in our state.

If you could share one link with the rest of Manchester, what would it be?

Manchester Food Coop. They need 1,000 members in order to move forward, it would be so great to have a co-op in Manchester!

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