Meet Monica Leap!

 Creater. Believer. Innovator.

How Long have you lived in Manchester?
I spent my first 18 years in NH, traveled a bit, and then came back to the best state ever. I’ve lived in Manchester for about 3 years.Describe Manchester in one word:


What would make Manchester even better?
Food trucks and Fire spinners (think circus arts) in the park (like you would see in a park in Portland, ME or Asheville, NCWhat is the best meal you’ve had in Manchester?
There have been too many to name… but for starters: Anything from Dancing Lion Chocolates, The Chorizo Burrito from Consuelo’s, the Monte Cristo from the Pint Publik House, The Meat Shovel from KC’s Ribshack, and not that ice cream is a meal, but the Apple Pie flavor from Granite State Candy Shoppe is pretty amazing.

What is your favorite Manchester organization?

Again, there are many, but this one wins:
There is nothing shameless about that plug. If I didn’t love it and didn’t believe in it, I wouldn’t be doing it! Hooray for the power of the arts to build community!

If you could share one link with the rest of Manchester, what would it be?
Besides the one listed as my favorite organization, there is this one:
Eye candy for people who love food.

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